Ahead of the Game helps parents develop the skills and knowledge they need to understand, recognise and support the mental health and wellbeing of their teenagers. As part of the program, parents will attend one workshop. The session will help parents gain an understanding of mental health challenges so they become easier to recognise. They’ll also learn how to start conversations about mental health. By the end of the workshop, parents will have a deeper understanding of the support resources available.

    Your role in adolescent mental health

    Learn about some of the tough stuff like how to support your teen's mental health.

    How to tell if your teen might be struggling

    Make sure that you have your teen's back by understanding when they might be struggling, and how you might be able to help.

    Start important conversations

    Talking about mental health can be awkward. Learn how to start a conversation with your teen.
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How it works

Here's what the program involves:


Face to face

We deliver a 1-hour workshop to parents on your teen's team. Parents will gain the knowledge that will help them understand, recognise and support adolescent mental health and wellbeing.


follow up survey

We want to know what parents think of the program, including how we could make it better.